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   The Goldie's Secret Child Abuse Prevention and Health Assessments have educated millions of seven to ten year old American children on how to protect themselves from sexual predators. Goldie's Secret has disclosed that 10% of children assessed had become the victims of sexual abuse. Goldie's Secret is a sad success story.

    Goldie's Secret staring Goldie Locks and The Three Bears and instructs with "The Good Touch  Bad Touch" child abuse prevention program. Goldie's Secret created with the help of The Office of Child Abuse Prevention in Sacramento California and The San Diego City Schools Primary Prevention Program in San Diego California. Goldie's Secret includes: a 22 Minute Video, Instruction Manual, Response Cards and Crack n Peel Stickers.   Individual, classroom or public performances of Goldie's Secret are available in English and Spanish language. 

    The health and human service agencies, schools, churches, child abuse prevention organizations that need Goldie's Secret and can't afford to purchase in this economy is staggering.. So we're granting Goldie's Secret individual, classroom and public screenings to governments, non-profits, schools, churches to all who request it

   The State of California purchased Goldie's Secret puppet show assembly programs for all San Diego City Elementary Schools. Goldie's Secret is accredited with San Diego's #1 ranking in the entire  United States for child abuse prevention education. But then, state budget cuts interrupted it use for one year.

     Goldie's Secret's creator produced the Goldie's Secret assembly program on video and re-released it back in to the school system. But now the four person puppeteer assembly program was replaced utilizing the school teacher and video cassette or DVD player, personal computer and or CCTV television located in the classroom

     Goldie's Secret's Greatest Benefit; it's on video and the same story is told every time. This leaves little room for errors. As opposed to instructors trying to memorize a routine or coaching a child which may lead to false disclosures of sexual child abuse. The Goldie's Secret child abuse prevention program is much like having your own elementary school teacher, social worker, psychologist and police officer on call 24/7 365. 

     We wish to thank Don Ave, project coordinator with the San Diego City Schools Primary Prevention Program for his years of work and dedication to the children of San Diego and for his help in developing Goldie's Secret.

   We also thank Robert Birchall, who spearheaded this project to be produced on video tape. Mr. Birchall made a gift of Goldie's Secret to Max Thrush, who promised him to do everything possibly to promote Goldie's Secret.

Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.   Ephesians 6:4